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Welcome to Achieve Life OT & PT PLLC, where we specialize in enhancing the skills of professionals working with individuals facing executive function challenges.

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Professional Development

Choose from our live and self paced course offerings that focus on promoting your skills and knowledge.  All courses offered will be identified if they are AOTA approved for CEU credits.

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Individual & Group Coaching

Explore personalized coaching opportunities with seasoned therapists, offering tailored guidance for managing your caseload and enhancing your professional skills in executive function intervention.

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Business Solutions

Whether you are a small clinic, a healthcare company, or a school, explore our services to promote your staff to be the leaders in executive function intervention to serve your population in the best way possible.

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"Justin always individualizes his supports. His intervention is not a "one size fits all." He educated my team on executive functioning when a child is in "fight or flight" and reframed our approach in supporting dysregulated students."




“Justin has a lot of experience as an OT working with executive function, he understood my complex client's difficulty having worked with similar clients before. He was also great at teaching and explaining concepts. He really helped my client's therapy progress forward with just one supervision session!”



"Justin is very knowledgeable on executive functioning. The best part about Justin is how he explains why students do what they do and the meaning behind it. He explains things in a very matter-of-fact way that anyone can understand"



"Justin has created a unique and invaluable resource for OTs on how to better understand and assist our teens and young adult clients achieve success in life. I highly recommend his course titled "The Executive Function Orchestra" if you are struggling with helping your teen/young adult clients and/or just want to feel more confident in your assessment and treatment approach."

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We promote future success of teens and young adults with differences by educating and coaching  those who are with them every day – that's our commitment to our next generation


I'm Justin Lundstedt, an occupational therapist whose goal is to transform the lives of individuals with executive functioning difficulties through skilled therapeutic intervention. For years, I've developed an approach that empowers my students and clients to achieve their own individualized goals. Now, I'm on a mission to elevate the awareness of those working with those individuals everyday to develop their awarenes and understanding of executive function and how it can impact lives in multiple ways. Join me in mastering and leading the field of practical skill development for success. Your journey starts here!

My proudest achievements are moments of sincere gratitude from parents and educators who recognize my role in opening their eyes to their teen's or young adult's potential. Witnessing them truly grasp their student's or child's abilities affirms my impact: enabling every teen and young adult to carve out their own path to success.