Occupational Therapy and Executive Function of the Transition Age Student

From background of the OT profession, to an in-depth description of services that we can provide, Occupational Therapy and Executive Function of the Transition Age Student has everything you could ask for!

Hosted By: Achieve Life OT & PT PLLC

Presented By: Justin Lundstedt, OTR/L

Level:  Introductory

Length: 5 hours of Asynchronous Self Paced Course

It's time we all understood who we really are as professionals.  Join me, Justin Lundstedt, for an opportunity to reinforce your instinct that we do have a place, as occupational therapists, in executive function intervention for teens and young adults.

Learning Objectives

1. Attendees will demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of occupational therapy and articulate the significant role of OT in executive function intervention.
2. Participants will be able to identify at least three common diagnoses associated with executive function deficits and discuss their implications for intervention.
3. Participants will demonstrate the ability to correctly choose and apply at least one performance-based assessment tool (e.g., BRIEF, WCPA, GOAL) for evaluating executive function deficits when given a sample case study with multiple choice answers to identify what assessments would be appropriate.
4. Attendees will be able to identify at least one strategy for providing effective indirect treatment or consultation to support students with executive function deficits when given a list of strategies to choose from.
5. Given a list of practices, participants will be able to identify at least two evidence-based practices in the field of executive function intervention for transition-age students.This 5 module course includes:

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About the Host

Justin Lundstedt has been working as an occupational therapist for over 20 years. He combines traditional occupational therapy values with the ever-changing evidence-based practice.  His goal is to provide you with a dynamic experience that will both promote your knowledge in the field and allow you to excel as a leader in therapeutic intervention delivery.

Occupational Therapy and Executive Function for the Transition Age Student


It's Time To Prove yourself Right!

  • Comprehensive Learning: Immerse yourself in over 5 hours of specialized professional development, meticulously designed to elevate your skills as a therapist.
  • Extended Access: Enjoy 6 months of access to the course, providing ample time to revisit and absorb the material, or benefit from lifelong access to the unedited version for continual learning.
  • Continuing Education Credits: Earn up to 5 hours of professional education credits, compliant with varying state requirements, to advance your credentials.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Conclude this course with a heightened sense of confidence in your executive function understanding and skill base, ready to apply new insights and techniques in your practice."

This Course Was Developed With the Intention That You Will Leave it Feeling Empowered as an OT

With teens and young adults displaying continued difficulties as they transition from high school, it is imperative that we, as occupational therapists identify the role executive function deficits play in today's students.  It is time to address the invisible diagnosis and allow our students to find their own achievements and successes through recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses.

Justin Lundstedt has practiced Occupational Therapy in pediatrics and for over 20 years. Through school based intervention and his business, Achieve Life OT&PT PLLC, he continues to provide treatment, assessment, and consultation for clients with developmental needs, specializing in executive function deficits. Workshops for therapists, educators, and parents are offered on a variety of topics such as special education participation, child development, behavioral challenges, transition to adulthood, executive function, and other topics relevant to pediatrics. The focus is on a functional approach toward empowering students through education and collaboration of those who support them.. 

Justin can be contacted at: [email protected]

Presenter Disclosure:  Justin Lundstedt receives compensation for instructional activities based on his employee status as well as ownership status in the organization, Achieve Life OT & PT PLLC 

Non-financial:  Justin Lundstedt has conducted extensive research on executive function and his research findings may be discussed and integrated into the course materials.

Justin is a national board-certified occupational therapist and a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, both of which have provided opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange in the field of executive function.

Content Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

Course participation information 

Passing one comprehensive assessment and completing a course evaluation will be required to earn continuing education credit.

Self-paced courses include texts, video and audio recordings of live webinars, and multimedia formats. 

To participate in the course, complete the exam and course evaluation, and earn continuing education credit, you must complete the full course. Partial credit may be allowed and will be recognized in a case-by-case situation. Partial credit would include those self-paced modules completed (plus exams) as well as recorded time for live participation.  Partial credit is not guaranteed.

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